Payment Options

Hear Better staff can advise you on the funding options and subsidies which may be available for you.


Our experienced staff can help you navigate your options.

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Ministry of Health Subsidy

All New Zealanders are eligible for a Ministry of Health subsidy of up to $1,022* every six years ($511 per ear).


In selected circumstances, full funding is available for hearing aids through the Ministry of Health.


To learn more about the governent subsidy, visit the Ministry of Health website.

Flexible Payment Plans

We use Gilrose Finance to offer you the ability to pay your hearing aids off over time.  

See what potential payment plans look like here.


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ACC Funding

ACC funding is available for hearing solutions where 6 percent or more of your hearing loss is due to injury-related causes, including:

  • Gradual onset hearing loss caused by noise at work

  • Hearing loss caused by an accident

  • Hearing loss caused by some medical treatments

ACC offers different levels of funding for Hearing Aids depending on the cause and extent of your hearing loss. 

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Veterans Affairs

We are an approved provider of Veterans Affairs Hearing Aids for hearing loss as a result of military service.


We are experienced in working with all major insurance companies.